About Us

What is Verification Labs

Verification Labs is a Seattle-based security company that places an emphasis on doing extremely in-depth technical testing so we can provide our clients with the most thorough information possible about their security posture and provide them with the best advice on how to secure their systems with a combination of easy to deploy tactical solutions and long-term strategic solutions. Our goal is ultimately to lower the long-term financial and labor costs related to providing high-end security solutions.

To achieve long-term success we are constantly looking for new ways to protect our clients and help their teams automate as much of the security work as possible so they can focus on accelerating their primary business. Additionally we empower our clients by providing a continuous training process which gives our clients the ability to move faster when deploying cutting-edge security technologies and also prevent costly architectural mistakes.

We are also a bit unusual in that we deal with more high-tech environments than most security firms. Our specialties are dealing with advanced cloud architectures, serverless computing, proprietary protocols, Internet of Things, and focusing on automated deployments. Likewise our staff have worked in almost every major industry imaginable. So if you have a really complex environment or are moving to one we are a great match to help your team take on these new challenges.

Engaging with our team

We offer a variety of different services but our ideal process for engaging with clients is through our continuous testing services combined with recurring on-site training for your team. We prefer this because it allows us to provide our clients with the following:

  • More in-depth testing and analysis of your entire organization's network.
  • Custom-tailored training to strengthen your team's skills on the latest technologies.
  • Security solutions designed to best leverage your existing equipment.
  • Work together closely to find ways of automating security processes for your specific environment.
  • Help your team create a detailed long-term security roadmap.

These are not easy tasks but by working closely with your staff, understanding the history behind your organization, and deeply assessing your current security posture we can help bring some of the best possible security solutions to fruition. More importantly we can supercharge your teams skillsets allowing them to drive programs forward into the future after we've helped your team clear some of their biggest immediate obstacles. The value of these engagements will have a positive ripple effect improving the security of your organization for many years. So in a nutshell that's our intent we want to impact your organization's long-term security even if there is a rushed immediate need. So if this sounds like a good match for you contact us and let's have a conversation. We love to help.

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