Security Advisory Services

Interim CISO Services

lthough we tend to function more as a deep technical advisor to other CISO’s we can provide interim CISO services to your organization on a part-time basis. Each situation has to be reviewed on a case by case basis given limited availability but we can do this for any-sized company globally.

Security Advisor

We love teaching. You’ll find that you can’t spend any time with someone from our team and not be constantly learning new things. This is because training others is also one of our core values. To expand on this, and also because our CEO has been mentoring security experts for over a decade, we offer direct security advisory services to people at any level from total newbie to CISO to help round out their skills and make them stronger. It’s a very unique service that we offer. We’ve recently taken this and expanded it to being a security advisor for organizations of all sizes. If you have really tough security questions come up on a regular basis and would like additional expert eyes on the problem having us work with you on a regular basis may end up saving you a ton of time and money. We find that all of our clients are very happy with this offering and that it’s made each of them much stronger in many ways.

Board Advisory Services

One of our most valuable services is providing your leadership team with extensive security expertise. Our recognized experts have worked for some of the largest Fortune 500 and global companies securing large-scale projects with a very wide range of security and privacy concerns and also have performed legal litigation support in Federal Courts for a number of high profile cases. The wide range of experience in multiple security areas from forensics and incident response, to security architecture, penetration testing, and security automation along with decades of industry experience can come together to bring an unmatched set of skills to your team.

Some of the notable benefits include:
  • Guidance for handling complex security, privacy, and legal problems.
  • Reducing time to compliance.
  • Convert more of the compliance efforts to longer-lived functional security controls.
  • Radically increased security posture.
  • Increased levels of security automation.
  • Reduced on-going costs to support your security program.
  • Finding and removing critical single points of failure.
  • More comprehensive analysis on technology or M&A decisions.
  • Helping organizations better leverage their technology assets in a competitive manner.
  • Reduction in time and efforts spent reacting to compliance requirements.
  • Short and long-term strategy development.
  • Improved control over vendor relationships and improved vendor security.
  • Competitive intelligence and counter surveillance protections.
  • Being a helpful second set of eyes for your CISO or security team lead.

Some of the values we have as a company that may be useful when considering someone for this type of role include:
  • We believe in reducing recurring costs to offset the asymmetric advantage of attackers.
  • We drive security automation wherever feasible to reduce the workload on your team, allow systems to respond faster to attacks, and to reduce overall costs.
  • The best security solutions are invisible to users and expensive for attackers.
  • Security has more to do with wisdom and discipline than expensive tools.
  • Security is a long-term game.
  • We strongly believe that the best organizational security is when it’s embedded into an organization's culture and present at every level of decision making.
  • The best security solutions are deployed automatically and do not slow the organization down.
  • We avoid assumptions at all costs and always choose to gather and verify data when possible. Real data makes for better decisions. Knowing this need also drives our data collection efforts.
We love this kind of work because it has a bigger impact on organizations if you’d like to discuss working with us in this capacity please let us know.