Cloud Compute Penetration Testing

Cloud-compute Penetration Testing

Cloud-compute infrastructures and serverless computing have radically changed the way people are deploying services. As anyone who has embarked deeply on this journey knows these platforms deviate wildly from more traditional types of virtualization and computing models. Likewise the methods for testing these environment have changed wildly and it’s important not to assume that the traditional testing models are appropriate for cloud-compute platforms. Companies that perform traditional web-based penetration testing can’t fully test all of the unique features that are brought into play in a cloud-compute ecosystem and may miss critical issues which may leave your data exposed or vulnerable without your knowledge.

Our staff have extensive experience both working directly for cloud-compute providers as well as deploying and testing cloud-based applications for many Fortune 500 companies. So if you are deploying to cloud platforms like Amazon’s AWS, Google’s CPE, or MicroSoft’s Azure please contact us to see how we can help.