Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Assessments

Are you ready for your next disaster?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are all about discipline and preparing before an event occurs. We won’t bore you with the statistics, you probably already know of a few businesses that were practically or literally deleted and put out of business overnight. One of the best ways to prevent bad problems from becoming disasters is having more people analyze your systems before the initial problem comes into play and correcting things in advance.

As anyone who’s ever had to go through data recovery on a critical database that wasn’t backed up will tell you, preventative work to do things like backups is a tiny fraction of the work required to recover from a bad disaster or incident.

We have a larger vision of security which includes Site Reliability Engineering and as you probably know we believe in keeping long-term security costs low and this extends to disaster preparation. Part of our interest in offering this service is directly to help protect our clients from the impact ransomware and extortion-based attacks but we know there are unlimited possibilities for disaster and data loss. Additionally, speed to recover is critical both from recovering after a natural disaster and also from a security incidents. So in hardening your business to prepare for anything we can reduce your downtime no matter what happens. Given our nature of being more bit-level we see many more things in computing that can break an organization and we can dig much deeper into technical risks than most BCDR organization. So if you like your BCDR work to be at much deeper and more through level contact us today.