External Penetration Testing Services

External Penetration Testing

We provide a lot of different types of penetration testing services based on our clients needs. Some clients are looking for ongoing testing to match their application development sprint cycles others are looking to understand how their entire organization looks from a security perspective and some are looking to verify that their vendors, third-party partners, and custodians of their data are implementing proper security controls. In all of these cases the purpose is to make the potential problems visible as soon as possible so they can be corrected. Our company provides a deeper level of testing across all platforms and protocols to enable our clients to dig deeper into their systems and have a stronger more stable platform for their business. Taking this a step further our goal is to help our partners have long-term security so we are very involved in making specific recommendations which reduce the amount of labor and expenses involved in securing their organizations.

Our process is also unique in that we try to strengthen your organization's staff rather than attempt to sell you additional services. In every interaction we do this by leveraging on-site or remote training at all times to continuously enhance your team's strength. In that respect you can think of us as a set of personal trainers or coaches helping your team to grow. This process of growing security in your organization is what we believe really makes a difference long-term. Likewise analyzing security at deeper levels allows us to strengthen your teams knowledge by forcing the team to analyze areas which may otherwise be overlooked. So our approach to penetration testing is a little different in that it's driven by our goals to truly help our clients long-term rather than just providing them with quick technical feedback. If this sounds like something that interests you please let us know.