External Network Assessments

Do you want to go beyond pentesting?

Our external network assessments allow us to dig deep into how your organization connects to the Internet and other organizations. We can dig into an amazing amount of information about your organization's network, how it connects to others, and also dig into misconfigurations or potential problems with your upstream ISP’s. If your network is critical to your business and you want to dig deep into everything that could potentially be a problem from an external perspective this is the assessment for you. Likewise, if you have a critical 3rd party that your business relies on we’d be happy to assess them either formally or using non-invasive techniques we can do this without their knowledge.

We do this through a combination of network surveillance techniques, direct analysis of traffic, and through a large variety of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources. We can even tell you things about how your network and systems, or those of a 3rd party, have been operating for the past few years.

If this sounds interesting to you let’s have a conversation.