Our Services

Advanced Penetration Testing Services

We provide a lot of different types of penetration testing services based on our clients needs. Some clients are looking for ongoing testing to match their application development sprint cycles others are looking to understand how their entire organization looks from a security perspective and some are looking to verify that their vendors, third-party partners, and custodians of their data are implementing proper security controls. In all of these cases the purpose is to make the potential problems visible as soon as possible so they can be corrected. Our company provides a deeper level of testing across all platforms and protocols to enable our clients to dig deeper into their systems and have a stronger more stable platform for their business. Taking this a step further our goal is to help our partners have long-term security so we are very involved in making specific recommendations which reduce the amount of labor and expenses involved in securing their organizations.

Our process is also unique in that we try to strengthen your organization's staff rather than attempt to sell you additional services. In every interaction we do this by leveraging on-site or remote training at all times to continuously enhance your team's strength. In that respect you can think of us as a set of personal trainers or coaches helping your team to grow. This process of growing security in your organization is what we believe really makes a difference long-term. Likewise analyzing security at deeper levels allows us to strengthen your teams knowledge by forcing the team to analyze areas which may otherwise be overlooked. So our approach to penetration testing is a little different in that it's driven by our goals to truly help our clients long-term rather than just providing them with quick technical feedback. If this sounds like something that interests you please let us know.

Continuous Testing Services

This is our favorite service to help clients with because it's the most holistic and comprehensive. For this we do continuous testing of all types to find all sorts of problems starting with your external network then optionally working our way in. This can include training, reviewing how systems are hardened, review of any and all security controls, as well as integration into your production sprint testing. Ultimately this service is the best of everything for clients that cannot afford to let risks drive their business.

Security Assessments

We provide a very wide range of industry-standard and custom security assessment services. Some of our most common assessment types include the following:

  • NIST sp800-53 Assessments
  • PCI preparation Assessments
  • SOX Complicance Assessments
  • Security Architecture Assessments
  • Site Reliability Assessments
  • Firewall Security Assessments
  • VPN Security Assessments
  • Vendor Security Assessments
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Cloud Compute Security Assessments
  • External Network Assessments
  • Internal Netwokr Assessments
  • Security Policy Compliance Assessments
  • Security Policy Content Assessments
  • Incident Response Capability Assessment
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Assessments
  • Custom Assessments as needed

Contact us today and lets discuss what you need.

Board Advisory Services

One of our most valuable services is providing your leadership team with extensive security expertise. Our recognized experts have worked for some of the largest Fortune 500 and global companies securing large-scale projects with a very wide range of security and privacy concerns and also have performed legal litigation support in Federal Courts for a number of high profile cases. The wide range of experience in multiple security areas from forensics and incident response, to security architecture, penetration testing, and security automation along with decades of industry experience can come together to bring an unmatched set of skills to your team.

Some of the notable benefits include:
  • Guidance for handling complex security, privacy, and legal problems.
  • Reducing time to compliance.
  • Convert more of the compliance efforts to longer-lived functional security controls.
  • Radically increased security posture.
  • Increased levels of security automation.
  • Reduced on-going costs to support your security program.
  • Finding and removing critical single points of failure.
  • More comprehensive analysis on technology or M&A decisions.
  • Helping organizations better leverage their technology assets in a competitive manner.
  • Reduction in time and efforts spent reacting to compliance requirements.
  • Short and long-term strategy development.
  • Improved control over vendor relationships and improved vendor security.
  • Competitive intelligence and counter surveillance protections.
  • Being a helpful second set of eyes for your CISO or security team lead.

Some of the values we have as a company that may be useful when considering someone for this type of role include:
  • We believe in reducing recurring costs to offset the asymmetric advantage of attackers.
  • We drive security automation wherever feasible to reduce the workload on your team, allow systems to respond faster to attacks, and to reduce overall costs.
  • The best security solutions are invisible to users and expensive for attackers.
  • Security has more to do with wisdom and discipline than expensive tools.
  • Security is a long-term game.
  • We strongly believe that the best organizational security is when it’s embedded into an organization's culture and present at every level of decision making.
  • The best security solutions are deployed automatically and do not slow the organization down.
  • We avoid assumptions at all costs and always choose to gather and verify data when possible. Real data makes for better decisions. Knowing this need also drives our data collection efforts.
We love this kind of work because it has a bigger impact on organizations if you’d like to discuss working with us in this capacity please let us know.

PCI Penetration Testing

We provide a full set of formal PCI penetration tests for any type of environment but more importantly we also provide hands-on guidance for how to best remediate any issues found with your PCI security controls. Do you have a complex network with many segments that need to be tested ? Are you concerned about legal defensibility of your report findings ? We have a formal process for PCI penetration tests which exceeds all of the PCI-DSS penetration testing requirements and also allows us to provide additional value outside of the the formal reporting process as we find items, such as performance issues or security architecture design issues that may be of value to you. Rather than simply going through a set of basic tests checking boxes we make sure to spend the extra time to understand your environment, it’s data, and how your organization and others interact with your systems. This allows us to see past some the surface issues where other companies stop and provide you with more meaningful testing value.

Additionally our staff have extensive experience conducting PCI penetration tests in some of the most complicated environments. So if you have a complex architecture on a cloud-compute platform like Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCE, Microsoft’s Azure or a similar cloud compute platform you’ll be happy to know that you are working with a company that understands the unique challenges of testing multi-segment networks in these environments. We also frequently work in very unique environments having everything from Internet of Things issues to Big Data platforms with its related proprietary protocols. So whether you are engaging us to prepare you for PCI compliance or simply to provide you with your 3rd party PCI Penetration Test we are probably one of the best companies to work with in this area.

Contact us today to see how we can add value to your PCI-DSS Penetration Test.

Useful Reference: PCI Penetration Testing Guidance

Security Architecture Services

Building advanced security architectures is one of our specialties. It’s why our team members have been selected again and again to lead complex security architecture projects for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Since most of our services get down to the bit level we have a deeper understanding of both the problems and the solutions to securing cutting-edge systems. Likewise because our staff have been so deeply involved with building and testing complex security systems we know all the little "gotchas" and radically time saving tips which will help make your next deployment much easier. This combined with our philosophy of making long-term security as easy and inexpensive as possible to maintain allows us to provide more in-depth security at a substantially better long-term cost.

Given the long-term impact making a bad architecture decision can have, we always advise organizations to bring us into projects early on because some of the critical architecture decisions which could be really inexpensive to deploy in the beginning of a project may become exponentially expensive to fix later on if deployed incorrectly. Likewise with the shift from traditional computer security to more cloud-compute and automated solutions the way in which we build and integrate everything has changed dramatically over the past few years. So if possible, engage us as early as possible on your next project and contact us today if we can help you now.