Security Assessments

Security Assessment Services

Some of our larger projects include organization-wide security assessments. Our staff have conducted huge assessments for State governments, Fortune 500’s, large non-profits as well as comprehensive assessments for small startups and medium businesses. Our primary goal when conducting any type of assessment is maximizing the value of this engagement to our clients. We’ve all seen assessments that were effectively a waste of money, that produced a brick of a document which will effectively just sit on a shelf and make no impact to the organization. We view these efforts as harmful to an organization in that they take money away from securing the the organization and produce little or no real value in themselves.

Our process is different and we are strongly motivated to help your organization with its long-term security so we take advantage of everything we can to put the best minds and eyes on your systems and leveraging this time to maximize the value to you. Unlike other vendors who are more motivated to finish the minimum amount of work possible to check everything off a list we are focused on deeply understanding exactly how your organization is working and finding ways to really improve it and where possible find ways to automate the boring stuff so your staff can focus on more advanced problems. We will also keep an eye out for single-point of failures, critical security issues, and performance or scaling issues while we are working on your assessment so that you can maximize the money spent on compliance efforts.

The following is a list of common assessments we perform but we frequently do custom assessments as needed.

If working with a company that is looking out for your best interests sounds interesting to you please contact us. We’d love to work together to protect you and your customers.